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Natalie is a dedicated and passionate dancer who began her dancing at age three.  For the past eighteen years, Natalie has called
The NY Dancers Studio her second home.  It was within these walls  she grew her skills and embraced the grace that dance endures.  She learned that artistry comes with strong technique.  And this became the foundation of her dance career.  Natalie began to teach at The NY Dancers Studio was she was eighteen years old.    Natalie has studied intensively under the guidance of many esteemed dance professionals, including Chelsea Hightower, acclaimed for her work on So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, as well as Michael Trusnovec, Christina Lynch-Markham, and Ruth Andrien of The Paul Taylor Dance Company.  She has also had the opportunity to learn from current and former Radio City Rockettes.

She has had the privilege of both working with, and participating in Ballet productions of The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella,

and Alice in Wonderland.

During college, Natalie spent four years as a member of the Reflections Dance Company at Temple University.  During her time with Reflections, she not only danced with her peers, but assumed a leadership role with the Company.  As part of the Executive Board and a Choreographer, she guided fellow dancers through intricate choreography and brought her own collective vision on stage to life.  Presently, Natalie is a proud member of The Dance Theatre Company, and performs extensively in Fundraisers, Industrials, and in The Summer Arts Festival in Hecksher Park.  Outside of dancing, she is a full time student in her final year of her Masters Degree in Social Work at New York University

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