social distancing Protocol


Upon arrival to the studio, temperatures will be taken at the door and students will be given hand sanitizer


In the East Meadow studio, students in Room A will enter and exit through the door in the back parking lot, while students in Room B  will enter and exit through the street side (Merrick Ave)  

In the Kings Park Studio, students will be met at the door at the entrance facing Old Dock Rd 


Masks are to be worn by the students until they enter the classroom, or if moving throughout the studio to use the rest room.  Once inside the class, masks can be removed as long as students are at a safe distance apart.   The teachers and staff will be wearing masks at all times


The studio floors will have markers six feet apart to keep the students at a safe distance


Hand sanitizer will be available during and after class. 


Parents will not be permitted to wait in the lobby, however if it is deemed necessary  accommodations can be made with proper guidelines in place

Cleaning a sanitizing will be done prior and after each class


East Meadow-388 Merrick Avenue East Meadow NY 11554
Kings Park- United Methodist Church - 109 Main Street - Kings Park, NY 11754