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Peggy Milard

is a Hip Hop Dancer and Choreographer originally from Brooklyn, NY.  She began dancing at the age of 8.  She moved to Queens, where she studied Jazz, Ballet, Tap, and Acrobatics at Perfection Dance.  However, her love for Hip Hop always remained strong, and she continued to explore.  Peggy started performing in High School, and then in college showcases.  She attended Fred Astaire Chelsea to train in Latin/Ballroom.  She continued her Hip Hop training at Blade-Hip Hop Conservatory and Broadway Dance Center.   After gaining experience, she danced with Kappture Entertainment, where she became assistant,  then Choreographer and assistant in Artistic Development.  As she continued to take classes, she began working with the Children and Teen Program at Broadway Dance Center, becoming a Teacher and sharing her love of dance. 

Peggy has taught in various studios, and has been involved with competitions.  She is a fun, humble person who blends all her experiences and shares them with her students.  As a teacher, she helps process and design movements to help understand the rhythm.  With this,

her choreography  brings out the best qualities in her students.  She pushes and makes sure everyone has a good understanding of what is taught, and continues to share her love of dance  

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